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The Grinnell Skate & BMX Project

Please help make the new skatepark a reality!! Fundraising Is Underway to Revamp/Re-ramp Bailey Park Skatepark!!! Imagine Grinnell will lead fundraising efforts to revamp and re-ramp the skatepark located in Bailey Park at 8th Ave. and Prince St. Imagine Grinnell Executive Director Rich Dana said that the $250,000 project will build “a state-of-the-art, concrete park […]


Board Member Spotlight- Jon Duke

Time to hear from board member Jon Duke. What does the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing mean to him? “I am so proud to be a part of Imagine Grinnell as we do exciting things to make our community a better place. Anyone can talk about change…but to actually do things that make a […]


Board Member Spotlight- Tim Ellsworth

Green, Playing, Growing! Let’s learn how board member Tim Ellsworth relates to the Imagine Grinnell tagline. I moved to Grinnell 6 years ago to start a new family with my sweetheart, Laura Ferguson. After years of soccer games, plays, dance recitals, and paying bills, I wanted to contribute something more to my community and Imagine […]