Solar Panel Incentives for Businesses

Dear Business members,

At Imagine Grinnell, energy efficiency and renewable energy is near to our hearts.  We believe that there are countless positive effects of using less fossil fuel on both our local community and the larger world. With the continuously increasing demand for electric energy, the significantly high price of oil and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are choosing to use alternative sources of energy. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is an environmentally and economically sustainable choice and one that can be used in various applications.  Many businesses are now tapping into this alternative source of energy, hoping to benefit from its numerous advantages as well.  If your business has ever been interested in renewable energy, now is the time.  For entities with a tax burden, solar even makes more sense. In addition to the Federal and State Tax Credits, Alliant has a rebate available up to 25K which expires at the end of this year.  With the rebate and tax incentives, plus depreciation, the payback could be as low as 4-6 years.

I have attached the brochure for Ideal Energy.  If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 641-236-5518 because you may be leaving 25K on the table that won’t be available next year.  Additionally, feel free to contact Ideal Energy, Troy Van Beek, directly at 641-919-2269 for a free consultation.