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  • Plate to Plant- Community Composting Initiative
    Following Imagine Grinnell’s mission to create healthier people and a healthier environment in Grinnell, the local nonprofit has set out to support a new initiative: Plate to Plant. This community compost initiative aims to reduce the city’s landfill waste while simultaneously creating […]
  • Giving Garden work underway!
    Marvin Garden volunteers have been hard at work getting ready for the growing season. Volunteers with the Boy Scouts worked on finishing up the fence and adding a few gates to the garden. Volunteers from Imagine Grinnell and the Master Gardeners made plans for what the garden will yield this summer […]
  • Welcome New Board Member- Avery Lindley!
    Imagine Grinnell welcomes new board member, Avery Lindley! We asked him what the tagline, Green, Playing, Growing means to him. Avery says, “I interpret the tagline as a vision to continually improve oneself, their immediate neighborhood, and the larger Grinnell community. It can be applied […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Laurel Tuggle-Lacina
    Board member, Laurel Tuggle-Lacina thinks about the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing this way, “To me, Imagine Grinnell’s tagline means to continually find new ways to develop our community’s cohesion, environmental stewardship, and opportunities to improve. […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Richard Berman
    Imagine Grinnell Board Member spotlight on Richard Berman. What does the tagline, Green, Playing, Growing mean to him? Green = Renewable Energy or Outdoor Activities in Parks, Etc. Playing = Active Adventures or Fun Activities Growing = Increase Attractiveness of Community or Community Gardens […]
  • Imagine Grinnell Seeks New Board Members
    Imagine Grinnell is inviting interested community members to continue the legacy of Imagine Grinnell by joining the board or volunteering. The mission of Imagine Grinnell is to turn imagination into action to create a more vibrant, sustainable and healthy Grinnell. Imagine Grinnell began in 1985 […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Tim Ellsworth
    Green, Playing, Growing! Let’s learn how board member Tim Ellsworth relates to the Imagine Grinnell tagline. I moved to Grinnell 6 years ago to start a new family with my sweetheart, Laura Ferguson. After years of soccer games, plays, dance recitals, and paying bills, I wanted to contribute […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Jon Duke
    Time to hear from board member Jon Duke. What does the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing mean to him? “I am so proud to be a part of Imagine Grinnell as we do exciting things to make our community a better place. Anyone can talk about change…but to actually do things that make […]
  • Board Member Focus- Vanessa Preast
    What does the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Growing, Playing mean to you? “Green, Growing, Playing represents the things that make life vibrant and worthwhile. This tagline represents thriving, not just surviving. Imagine Grinnell seeks to make our town a place where we can live our best […]
  • Board member spotlight- Chad Nath
    What does the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing mean to Chad? “ Mother Teresa says ‘I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’ “This quote says so much about an individual and a community. Imagine Grinnell is an organization […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Kamal Hammouda
    Time for more of the board member spotlight. Kamal Hammouda relates to our tagline, Green, Playing, Growing this way….”In the most fundamental way, it means: Live well, healthy with a balance, paying it forward and be an intentional member of the community.” […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Holly Pettlon
    Time for more of our Board Member spotlight. Let’s hear from Holly! What does Green, Playing, Growing mean to you? “To me, Imagine Grinnell’s tagline GREEN, PLAYING, GROWING captures what I as a parent want my kids to learn, feel and see in their community! Being a Wellness […]
  • Board Member Spotlight- Keira Wilson
    How well do we know our board members?   Let’s learn how they relate to the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing. Keira Wilson is the board’s co-president. “As a board member of Imagine Grinnell, I think about these three endeavors as the outcomes of our mission. This […]
  • Fall Harvest Dinner October 6th! Proceeds to benefit Imagine Grinnell
    Local restaurant Relish and nearby vegetable farms Olson Garden Market and Middle Way Farm are teaming up to put together a local foods harvest dinner on Sunday, October 6, in the Central Park shelter in downtown Grinnell. Proceeds from the event will benefit local non-profit Imagine Grinnell, […]
  • Partnership, Community, and a Whole Lot of Waste
    The last installment of Imagine Grinnell’s Waste Reduction Speaker Series concluded on July 22 with a presentation by Jennifer Jordan and Jane Wilch. Jennifer Jordan is the Resource Management Superintendent for the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center in Iowa City. Her colleague, Jane Wilch, is […]
  • Giving Gardens map
    Wondering where the Grinnell Giving Gardens are located?  They might be just down the street or around the corner. Check out the map and stop by one today! The gardens offer free, fresh, local produce, such as, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes and much more. Tell your […]
  • Jennifer Trent presents at Drake Community Library
    40% of all food produced in the United States ends up in landfills or is incinerated. This food waste produces methane gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, costs the United States economy $165 billion per year and never reaches the 40 million people in the United States that […]
  • Do You Know What Happens to Your Food?
    Do you know what happens to your food? This was a guiding question at the composting workshop led by Andy Dunham on Monday, July 16. “Our goal is to improve food literacy,” Andy said. “That means knowing what happens to your food at every step of the way.” Composting is an important step in the […]
  • Grinnell Giving Gardens
    The Grinnell Giving Gardens crops are ready for harvest! Stop by the Ahrens Garden for cucumbers, Marvin Garden for strawberries, Davis Elementary, Fairview Elementary, Bailey Park Elementary and UnityPoint Health-GRMC Public Health for garlic, onions, radishes, peas, kale, broccoli, cucumbers, […]
  • Imagine Grinnell at the Farmers Market
    If you are a frequent visitor to the Grinnell Farmers Market, you might have noticed a table with a big white table cloth, a large red sign and a stream of curious environmentalists. That’s Imagine Grinnell! Imagine Grinnell at the Farmers Market started with a table about Grinnell Recycling. We […]
  • Grinnell Composts
    On Monday, July 8th, a panel of waste reduction experts and enthusiasts came together at Drake Community Library to discuss composting. The event kicked off Imagine Grinnell’s Community Waste Reduction Speaker Series and became the official start of a conversation on what Grinnell can do to […]
      When: Saturday, April 27 from 10–11:30AM (Rain Date May 4th) Where: Summer Street Park, 720 Summer Street, Grinnell Dress: Be prepared to get dirty! Depending on water level in the creek, you may want to bring waders or boots if you have them. Wear old clothes and tennis shoes to climb in and out […]
  • Imagine Grinnell is now hiring for their VISTA Project Coordinator
    Are you passionate about helping others, and looking for experience in the non-profit sector? Imagine Grinnell is searching for an individual to serve for one year (starting in June) as a coordinator for a new project designed to increase the effectiveness of local organizations in addressing […]
  • What’s Next for Grinnell Recycing?
    Here is the article announcing the end of curbside recycling. It may not be a done deal though… click the link to IG’s Facebook page for the latest updates. […]
  • Prairie Burn 100!
    June 8th, 2019! Join us for a non-competitive 25-100 mile gravel ride around Grinnell. Come for the challenge…stick around for the music. Proceeds go to support Imagine Grinnell! Visit the Prairie Burn 100 Website for more…. […]
  • Anyone Can Cook Summer Squash!
    RECIPESummer Squash Tips Summer squash is harvested when immature. Their rind, seeds, and flesh are tender and edible raw or cooked. Common types include zucchini, yellow squash, pattypan squash. The squash can be steamed, grilled, stir-fried, stuffed, and used in baked goods. Ingredients Summer […]
  • Anyone Can Cook Eggplant!
    RECIPE Eggplant Tips Types of eggplant: Traditional – frying, grilling, roasting Japanese – sautéing, pickling, stuffing Some eggplant can be bitter, especially if not freshly harvested. Eliminate bitterness with “sweating”. Lightly salt eggplant slices and place them between absorbent […]
  • Imagine Grinnell Giving Garden Evening
    Come join us in the gardens! Every Thursday 5:30-7pm we’ll be in one of the gardens working on whatever needs doing. Tomorrow Sept. 13th we’ll be at Marvin garden and we’d love to see you there! […]
  • Gravel Tour and Annual Giving Gardens Family Ride July 7
    For further information, contact Kate Wiley at katherine.wiley@richmond.edu and Imagine Grinnell at imaginegrinnell@iowatelecom.net, 641-236-5518 or follow the event on Facebook. On Saturday, July 7, Imagine Grinnell (IG) will combine its third annual Giving Gardens bike tour with a new […]
  • I.G. Sets Priorities for 2018
    This year, will you join Imagine Grinnell in making our community a better place for everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, and national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, political perspective or religious belief? In 2017 […]
  • A Reminder on 6 Great Reasons Grinnell Needs a Skatepark
    As we near our fundraising goal for the revamping of the skatepark, refresh yourself on these 6 great reasons Grinnell needs a skatepark: […]
  • Put Your Garden to Bed: Tips
    Over the past few weeks, since the “Put Your Garden to Bed” workshop was cancelled at the end of October, Imagine Grinnell has been posting tips to Facebook to get your garden ready for winter on your own. With the weather to continuing to hold out, it may be worth your while to clean […]
  • Workshop: Put Your Garden to Bed
    Fall is finally here, and it’s time to put your garden to bed. Join Imagine Grinnell, Backyard Abundance, and the Poweshiek County Master Gardeners of Iowa this Saturday, October 28th at 9:30 AM for a workshop to prepare your garden for the coming winter.  […]
  • Giving Garden Work Nights: Every Tuesday from 4-7PM
    Happy Monday, friends of Imagine Grinnell! Every Tuesday evening from 4-7PM this summer is “Giving Garden Night.” If you have an hour or two to contribute to helping plant, weed and pick, we would love to have you join us. This week we will be building raised beds and planting fruit […]
  • The Grinnell Skate & BMX Project LogoPlease Donate Today!
    The Grinnell Skate & BMX Project (Edit Page) Please help make the new skatepark a reality!! Fundraising Is Underway to Revamp/Re-ramp Bailey Park Skatepark!!! Imagine Grinnell will lead fundraising efforts to revamp and re-ramp the skatepark located in Bailey Park at 8th Ave. and Prince St. […]
  • Abundant Landscape Workshop, Oct. 1 & 8
    This workshop is Part 1 of the Create an Abundant Landscape Workshop with Backyard Abundance (Part 2 will be on October 8th at the same time)! Learn to integrate fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, herbs, and other edible perennials into your landscape, and how to design and establish a beautiful, […]
  • MAY15: Help build the new Summer Street Giving Garden!
    Come and join us for a Sunday afternoon garden-building get together at Summer St. Park (formerly known as Jaycee Park) in Grinnell. All ages and skill levels welcome! What is a “Giving Garden?” It’s a garden planted and maintained by volunteers to provide free, healthy food to […]
  • Results are in! See how you did in the 2015 Throwback Run!
    Last Name First Name Race Type Time Placement Pearce Ben 15 1:03:51 1 Farrell John 15 1:12:04 2 Thalberg Cecelia 15 1:20:37 3 Elfenbein Tina 15 1:22:01 4 Key Wes 15 1:29:49 5 Robinson Georgeanna 10 49:51 1 Lindberg Mary 10 50:24 2 Eckhelberger Ross 10 53:31 3 Jacobson Jen 10 53:37 4 Donaghy Andi 10 […]
  • 2015 Throwback Run Course
    The 2015 Throwback Run is this Saturday, September 26th.  5k, 10k, and 15k all start at 8am. Register on line at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12WmW-erjG01d_NhcCt5INBswWoAHWXg_i7_83w3msq0/viewform. Check-in & Packet Pick Up: Check-in and day of registration will take place from 7-7:45am at […]
  • 5th Annual Grinnell’s Got Talent
    The annual “Got Talent” auction will be held on Mon., Sept. 21, at Grinnell Mutual’s new Bartelt Conference and Education Center. Smith said that Grinnell Mutual donated use of its new space and encourages members of the public who might want to see the facility to purchase an auction ticket. “The […]
  • Monarch Waystations
    Every year, the monarch population migrates from Canada to Mexico to winter.  Much of their natural habitat has decreased in North America. Monarch Waystations create natural habitats that allow monarchs to reproduce and sustain their migration. Without milkweeds, monarchs cannot reproduce future […]
  • Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Poweshiek County
    EMERALD ASH BORER CONFIRMED IN POWESHIEK COUNTY, IOWA Twenty-five counties in Iowa have confirmed infestations A new detection of an invasive pest has been positively identified after a larva sample was collected from a city-owned tree in Grinnell on June 16, 2015. This brings the total of […]
  • 3rd Annual Little Bear Creek Cleanup
    Imagine Grinnell is looking for volunteers to participate in the Third Annual Little Bear Creek Cleanup. The cleanup will be on Saturday, April 11 from 9 AM-11 AM. Check-in will be located at the Summer Street Park pavilion. Click here to RSVP to volunteer.   Here’s what you need to […]
  • Renew Your Membership for 2015
    We can’t Imagine Grinnell without you! Imagine Grinnell sincerely thanks you for your past support and all that you have allowed Imagine Grinnell to accomplish in our community. By supporting Imagine Grinnell, you ensure a future filled with accomplishments that keep our community green, playing, […]
  • Spread the Holiday Cheer with Imagine Grinnell!
    This winter, spread the holiday cheer by giving a gift that can benefit all of our community members: an Imagine Grinnell membership or donation. Imagine Grinnell’s programs impact everyone from children to adults. By becoming a member, you can become an integral part of the Imagine Grinnell […]
  • Volunteers Needed to Build Summer Street Park
    Imagine Grinnell is currently building a natural playscape in Summer Street Park. Imagine Grinnell is asking the community to help us build this park, located at the intersection of 3rd Avenue & Summer Street.  We are asking volunteers with many different levels of abilities to come out and […]
  • Imagine Grinnell Seed Library is Open
    Imagine Grinnell Seed Library is open and housed at the Drake Community Library. People are able to check out seeds for both vegetables and native plants from the library free of charge. No seed saving experience is required, and people will not be expected to return seeds to the library. However, […]
  • Rain Barrels
    Rain Barrels of Iowa offers complete rain harvesting solutions, from 55 to 2,500 gallons of water storage, plus all the accessories you could hope to find.  These rain barrels are available at Paul’s Ace Hardware in Grinnell or on the Rain Barrel of Iowa website. […]
  • Sustainable Living Showcase
    Imagine Grinnell will host its first Sustainable Living Showcase at the Grinnell Farmer’s Market on Thursday, May 14th from 3-6pm. The showcase will be an educational opportunity for people to learn about simple things they can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle in Grinnell. Vendors will […]
  • Emerald Ash Borer Found in Fairfield, IA
      The Emerald Ash Borer has been identified in Fairfield,  the third location in Iowa where the it has been found.   Click here to read about the sighting   […]
  • August Rain Barrels Sales End Friday, August 23, 2013
    Imagine Grinnell is collaborating with the City of Grinnell and Upcycle Products to sell rain barrels again in August. The 55 gallon Upcycle rain barrels are made from re-cycled food grade barrels and are available in Black, Grey, Blue, or Terra-Cotta.  There are two other options: a 30 gallon Blue […]
  • Find Out the Most Energy Efficient Products for Your Business!
    Do you dream of easily identifying the most energy-efficient consumer products for use in your facilities? If yes, check out the Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Products! […]
  • Announcing Tree Inventory Services from Imagine Grinnell
    Kathy Andersen, a recent Grinnell College graduate, is working for Imagine Grinnell this summer to establish tree mapping and tree inventory services. This program will both serve as a source of revenue for Imagine Grinnell and also will offer private companies, landholders, and municipalities in […]
  • 2nd Saturday coming up on July 13th!
    Registration begins at 8:15 am and the event begins at 9 am. The starting location is in front of the Grinnell High School at Sunset Street and 8th Avenue. $5 for adults age 19 and up, free for youth under 18. Registration for the season is included with Imagine Grinnell membership. 2nd Saturdays […]
  • May 25th: Community Garden workshop on succession planting
    On Saturday, May 25th, there will be a workshop, Get the most of your harvest: Succession planting, at the Community Garden from 10:30 am — noon. Location: James Miller Park (Lake Nyanza), High Street entrance Community garden workshops combine learning and hands-on demonstration to showcase […]
  • Summer 2013 Youth Bike Camp
    What? A fun and safe opportunity for youth to learn about road safety and bike mechanics! Lesson topics: Learning bike parts and basic mechanics, changing a flat tire, using brakes and gears efficiently, adjusting the fit of a helmet and seat, recognizing traffic signs, and discussing right of way, […]
  • First Annual Little Bear Creek Clean Up
    Come and enjoy some clean up fun at Jaycees Park! Organized by Imagine Grinnell and Poweshiek County Soil & Water Conservation District When: Saturday, June 15, 2013 from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. (Rain Date June 22) Where: Jaycees Park, 720 Summer Street, Grinnell IA 50112 Check-in and parking: Jaycees […]
  • Solar Panel Incentives for Businesses
    Dear Business members, At Imagine Grinnell, energy efficiency and renewable energy is near to our hearts.  We believe that there are countless positive effects of using less fossil fuel on both our local community and the larger world. With the continuously increasing demand for electric energy, […]