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Board Member Spotlight- Holly Pettlon

Time for more of our Board Member spotlight. Let’s hear from Holly! What does Green, Playing, Growing mean to you? “To me, Imagine Grinnell’s tagline GREEN, PLAYING, GROWING captures what I as a parent want my kids to learn, feel and see in their community! Being a Wellness Specialist at the PWA Fitness Center I […]


Board Member Spotlight- Keira Wilson

How well do we know our board members?   Let’s learn how they relate to the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing. Keira Wilson is the board’s co-president. “As a board member of Imagine Grinnell, I think about these three endeavors as the outcomes of our mission. This organization came together in the 1980’s to imagine […]


Partnership, Community, and a Whole Lot of Waste

The last installment of Imagine Grinnell’s Waste Reduction Speaker Series concluded on July 22 with a presentation by Jennifer Jordan and Jane Wilch. Jennifer Jordan is the Resource Management Superintendent for the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center in Iowa City. Her colleague, Jane Wilch, is the Recycling Coordinator. The presentation included information about the […]