Fall Harvest Dinner October 6th! Proceeds to benefit Imagine Grinnell

Local restaurant Relish and nearby vegetable farms Olson Garden Market and Middle Way Farm are teaming up to put together a local foods harvest dinner on Sunday, October 6, in the Central Park shelter in downtown Grinnell. Proceeds from the event will benefit local non-profit Imagine Grinnell, which works to address issues of hunger and sustainability. The dinner will feature a 6 course meal of locally sourced lamb from B & B Farms, quail from Rusty Barn Farm, vegetables, herbs, and fruits from both Middle Way Farm and Olson Garden Market, along with dessert and wine. A vegetarian course will be available. Both Olson Garden Market and Middle Way Farm are mainstays at the Grinnell Farmers Market and regular local suppliers of Relish. Olson Garden Market is known for their prolific tomato crop and Middle Way Farm specializes in salad greens as well as root crops like carrots. Diners will have the chance to meet and interact with farmers Jordan Scheibel and Brian and Kerri Olson. Local musicians, Erik Jarvis and Katie Sin will provide live music throughout the evening.

Relish Chef Kamal Hammouda and his wife, Laura Fendt, have been sourcing and using local produce in their restaurants for decades. The idea for a harvest dinner grew out of Kamal’s desire to showcase the produce of local farmers through a fun community event while also benefiting Imagine Grinnell. Kamal says “I love throwing events for the community and was encouraged by the open space at Central Park which is an extension of my front yard”. After the success of the first year, Jordan Scheibel of Middle Way Farm and Kerri Olson of Olson Garden Market were enthusiastic about collaborating with Kamal.  Kerri Olson says, “it is satisfying to know that Kamal appreciates the freshness and quality of our produce and prepares it so deliciously.”

Guests should arrive at 5:00 pm for a social time and appetizers. Dinner will be served starting at 5:30 pm on Sunday, October 6th in the Central Park shelter. Tickets can be obtained for a $75 reservation fee at Relish, located at 834 Park St. during their business hours (Tuesday- Saturday 5:00pm to close) or reserved by calling Relish at (641) 236 3657, from Middle Way Farm at the Thursday Grinnell Farmers Market (3-6 pm), or from Olson Garden Market at both the Thursday and Saturday Grinnell Farmers Market (10 am – noon). Seating is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Proceeds will benefit Imagine Grinnell.