Board Member Spotlight- Jon Duke

Time to hear from board member Jon Duke. What does the Imagine Grinnell tagline, Green, Playing, Growing mean to him?

“I am so proud to be a part of Imagine Grinnell as we do exciting things to make our community a better place. Anyone can talk about change…but to actually do things that make a tangible difference at the local level is what Imagine Grinnell is all about. It can sometimes feel like taking care of our environment is outside of our control but with Imagine Grinnell’s focus on GREEN we can realize the benefit of making better choices such as reducing our waste, realizing valuable resources through composting and implementing energy saving strategies. Imagine Grinnell’s second focus of PLAYING is quite simple: just make being in Grinnell fun! Our team is passionate about fostering the high quality enjoyment that you just can’t buy on Amazon. Our recent success with building an exciting new Skate Park and the highly acclaimed Prairie Burn Bike Ride and Music Festival that attracted cyclists from all over the country are examples of this. Finally, our focus on GROWING is what makes our town sustainable. The community enriching projects that Imagine Grinnell undertakes are what attract and retain new Grinnellians and make our community healthy and more vibrant place to sink your roots. You too can be a part of Imagine Grinnell’s dynamic community enriching projects as a board member or volunteer or contribute financially to Imagine Grinnell’s success.”

Jon Duke