Announcing Tree Inventory Services from Imagine Grinnell

Kathy Andersen, a recent Grinnell College graduate, is working for Imagine Grinnell this summer to establish tree mapping and tree inventory services. This program will both serve as a source of revenue for Imagine Grinnell and also will offer private companies, landholders, and municipalities in the region the tools to strategically manage the trees on their property, all while furthering the mission of Imagine Grinnell.

Ideal for individuals with larger tree holdings, the Tree Inventory Services will include a final recommendations report with the ecological value and replacement value of the trees, specific tree maintenance needs and direction for further assistance, mitigation of Emerald Ash Borer risk, and more.


To learn more about the program or to set up a consultation for services, you can contact Imagine Grinnell or Kathy Andersen, the current tree inventory intern.

Katherine (Kathy) Andersen