A Reminder on 6 Great Reasons Grinnell Needs a Skatepark

As we near our fundraising goal for the revamping of the skatepark, refresh yourself on these 6 great reasons Grinnell needs a skatepark:

  1. SKATEPARKS PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR SKATEBOARDING The majority of skateboarding injuries happen outside skateparks. The most common injuries are falls due to surface irregularities and collisions with motor vehicles or pedestrians.The best way to keep youth safe is to provide them access to safe, designated spaces to pursue their activity.


  1. SKATEBOARDING HAS SIGNIFICANT PHYSICAL HEALTH BENEFITS Arguably the most important reason for participating in action sports is the fact that it keeps you healthy and physically fit. Finding an activity that gets kids off the couch and keeps them in shape is vital for the youth of this nation, especially in this time of a national health crisis. Skateboard tricks and the lifestyles of the kids who practice them could be a key to fitness into adulthood. A recent study by Johns Hopkins University researchers said regularly skating, Rollerblading and biking increase children’s chances of fighting the flab as they grow.


  1. SKATEBOARDING HAS SIGNIFICANT MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS Teenage years are an “awkward period in your life. You’re looking for definition and identity and your place in the world,” said Miki Vuckovich, executive director of the Tony Hawk Foundation, a nonprofit group working with city governments to help build public skateparks. “Skateboarding is the answer for a lot of kids. It’s fun. They can do it on their own terms. It doesn’t require a coach or a team. Skating is something you do at your own pace.”


  1. SKATEPARKS HAVE A POSITIVE ECONOMIC IMPACT “Our town has been very pleased with the economic impact that the new skatepark has brought to Carbondale. With many visitors staying here over the Summer months just to skate our park, with large contests being held here and the free advertisements that skaters pass on to each other about Carbondale, our skatepark has been exceptional for town business.” Carbondale Recreation Coordinator Chris Woods – Carbondale, Colorado


  1. SKATEPARKS REDUCE DAMAGE TO PRIVATE PROPERTY Without designated skateparks, skateboarders will make use of any and all terrain in their community. This often includes the private property of local businesses, as well as public spaces such as downtown plazas. Public skateparks are a win-win because skateboarders have a safe place to pursue their passion, while law enforcement and business owners don’t have to spend time, money and energy shooing skateboarders away from their property.


  1. SKATEPARKS REDUCE ILLICIT BEHAVIOR It’s no secret that children who are involved in team sports don’t have the time to get into trouble, but it turns out you don’t have to be dragging them to the soccer field or baseball diamond. Activities you might not expect — like skateboarding — are what teens and adolescents need. Research out of the University of North Carolina found that skateboarding is among the activities that might help keep children out of trouble.