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Grinnell Area Recreation Trail (GART)

Recreation Trails Map

Run – Walk – Bike

The GART is a paved multipurpose recreational trail that provides a safe place for outdoor activities. Currently the trail has two primary sections. The first runs from the Grinnell Aquatic Center (parking available here) on Sunset Avenue and in front of Grinnell High School, along Highway  F27 and out to Rock Creek State Park. This section of the trail winds through rolling farm hills along a quiet highway. The second section starts on the south end of town near the Grinnell Industrial Park (starts at Walmart) along Highway 146, through the Arbor Lake Recreation Area, and ending on 1st Avenue at Hazelwood Cemetary.

See the map at right (click to enlarge). The two sections of trail are marked by the gold line.

Through the years: A growing recreation resource

The first section of the Grinnell Area Recreation Trail (GART) was completed in 2004 after many years of planning, fundraising, and collaboration with the officials of the City of Grinnell, Poweshiek and Jasper County. 2007 saw the completion of the section running behind the Aquatic Center to the end of Highway 6. The section connecting the Industrial Park on the south edge of town to the center of town was completed in 2009. Construction season 2013 should see the completion of a safe passage under Highway 6. This will join the two sections where the trail meets Highway 6 and complete a paved section taking it south to 4th Avenue. Imagine Grinnell worked closing with the City to secure grants and private funds to complete this project.

Future Plans

Future goals include having the trail extend south of town as far as Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. This would allow safe biking for employees for one of Grinnell’s largest employers. The long term dream is to have the GART be a 20 mile loop trail that would run through Krumm Preserve.

Donations area always welcome to go towards the trail expansion project.