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Pricing and Service Options

Feel at a loss for what to do with your trees or how to plan for the future? The clients we’ve worked with felt more at ease and express their satisfaction with the one-on-one consulting and the knowledge with which they could proceed to make management decisions.


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A) Homeowners, 10 trees or less

$50.00 service fee, inclusive


Service entails an intitial one-hour consultation, followed by a written evaluation detailing a summary of tree and site characteristics and offering further resources for advice on hiring professionals and acquiring trees.

These consultations are customized to the client’s needs. We can talk to you about your ash trees, about shade and drainage concerns, and about species compatibility.





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B) Larger properties, >10 trees

$60.00 per hour


Package and services determined from consultation and are based on the customer’s needs. These can include training in mapping techniques for a landowner or citizen foresters, completing an inventory mapping each tree, facilitating use of an online imaging system to share data.

Past customers have found help with:

  • Documenting locations of particular species (e.g. Ash) for passing on to tree service professionals
  • Creating long-term plans
  • Changing maintenance practices
  • Designing community input surveys



Contact Kathy Andersen, TIS Intern, or Sarah Smith, Executive Director of Imagine Grinnell for more information or a free consultation.

Email: treeinventoryservices@gmail.com

Phone: 641-236-5518