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Tree Inventory Services

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Furthering the mission of Imagine Grinnell to promote a healthy environment and helping you manage your tree and woodland resources

Tree Inventory Services are available every summer. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact the current intern, Kathy Andersen, at Imagine Grinnell.

Tel: 641-236-5518


Tree Inventory Services (TIS) From Imagine Grinnell

In 2006 Larissa Mottl spearheaded a collaboration between the Center for Prairie Studies of Grinnell College, the City of Grinnell, and Trees Forever to map and catalog the public street trees and park trees of Grinnell, with funding from Imagine Grinnell. The results of that study were presented in 2011, and from that presentation, a survey of the Grinnell Country Club was commissioned for 2012 and completed by Jordan Scheibel on behalf of Imagine Grinnell. This summer, Imagine Grinnell is excited to announce that the nonprofit will be offering the service annually to area residents and property managers.

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bendfits of trees - isa

Benefits of Trees Diagram, source: Trees Are Good website

Why care about your trees?

Trees provide valuable economic and ecosystem services, including:

  • Reducing air pollution and storm water runoff
  • Minimizing heating and cooling costs
  • Adding aesthetic beauty


Who can benefit?

Past clients include the Ahrens Park Foundation and the Grinnell Golf and Country Club. This service is beneficial for anyone looking to get a better understanding of their tree resource and guidelines on what to do next. This includes:

  • Landowners & homeowners
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Municipalities


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For more information on the Tree Inventory Project completed in 2011, please see the relevant City Building and Planning website, found here. Their page includes a PDF of the full report presented to the community by Larissa Mottl.

If you are interested in the raw data from that project, or in getting involved as a tree mapper, feel free to contact Kathy at Imagine Grinnell or Elizabeth Hill at the Center for Prairie Studies at Grinnell College.



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Green space and urban forests for health and well-being

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